Sugar Rush

This past quarter, I have had the wonderful opportunity to get involved with YoungLife Capernaum. I’ve fallen in love with the ministry, the leaders, and all of the new friends I’ve made. It’s one of the most joyful and loving and humbling experiences I have had in my nineteen years of life. I cannot wait to continue to grow, meet more amazing people, and take any opportunity I can through this phenomenal organization. 

I brought snack for club this past week…and definitely caused a sugar rush. The reception of my baked goods was overwhelmingly positive and served as a reminder for why I love to bake so much: its a gift of love! There was an abundance of love, smiles, and sugar in addition to the heavy plate of cookies I had. 


“Slutty Brownies” and M&M cookies were a huge hit with this group. To make the brownies, all you have to do is press cookie dough down in a greased pan, add a layer of Oreos (I used Mega Stuf, and yes, that is a real thing), then pour on some brownie batter. Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes, let them cool completely, and then cut them out and try not to drool. They’re rich and delicious and you should prepare yourself for all of the mind-blown people you’ll offer them to. For the M&M cookies, I made up a batch of Junk in the Trunk cookie dough and used semi-sweet and mini chocolate chips and M&M’s as my “junk.” You could call me a chocoholic. But you could also bake these and be the one to blame for an epic sugar rush. Your choice!



A Cookie in a Cookie!

I saw this recipe on Pinterest (of course) a few weeks back, and it’s been hanging out in an a tab, waiting to be put to use. I finally had a free day for baking, so naturally these cookies had to make their debut. 



First of all, these cookies are magical. And humungous. And dangerous. All at the same time. The dough is simple and holds together really well, which is good because you’ve got to nest an Oreo cookie inside of it! A word of advice: be gentle. Do not let yourself get too excited when making these. Otherwise, you will not end up with an aesthetically pleasing whole Oreo floating effortlessly within a gooey chocolate chip cookie. No, you will have an unfortunate, yet accidental, case of cookies and cream. Which, unless we’re talking ice cream on an emotional night, no one wants. So take your time and enjoy the process of putting these together, it will be worth it and you will feel especially fancy.


This recipe made just over 20 cookies, and they are the size of a baseball. No joke. A cookie in a cookie is not for the faint of heart, so be weary as you share. Here’s the link to the recipe!


Hooray for cookie cookies! 



Okay, these are hands down one of the most scrumptious things I’ve made. Ever. They are perfect little concoctions: tasty, bite-size, and simple! All it takes to whip up a batch of oreo balls is a pack of oreos, cream cheese, and melted chocolate. Mash up the first ingredient, mix it with the second, and dip it in the third. They would be great to make with kids and are an ideal addition to the annual cookie plates dished out at holiday parties. Trust me, you’ve got to make these. The result? Instant praise and popularity 😉