A little bit about me, Michaela.

Hi, friends! Thanks for making a pitstop at my cozy corner of the blogging world. My name is Michaela (fun fact: I’m named after my dad, Michael). I’m a sophomore at Santa Clara University studying History and Sociology and Entrepreneurship. I have no specific plans as to what’s going to be done with that education plan, but I’ve come up with different hopes and dreams and things to do in life (which include but are not limited to teaching English abroad to making an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show to owning a bakery to being a college counselor with a comfy couch and a cookie jar). I adore being a Bronco, lattes, post-it notes, books of all kinds, elephants, the ocean, being happy, and making other people happy. Oh, and smiling. Smiling’s my favorite. I love being busy, and at one time or another you can probably find me baking, reading, making new friends, hanging out with old friends, spending time with my large & loud family, finding inspiration in anything and everything, staring at tide pools, or having a personal jam session to Disney music.

My objective for College and Cupcakes is to give myself the opportunity to take a moment, slow down, and savor memories, thoughts,  and insights. Even though they whiz by at 100 miles per hour, I’ll hopefully be able to pin some down and share them, as well as some awesome recipes for yummy baked goods that spur smiles and warm hearts. When I realized that high school flew by, I wanted to make sure my time at SCU was cherished in a tangible way. This is a place for my thoughts to run wild, my mind to get some exercise, my stack of recipes-to-try to shrink, and for expressing myself in a new way. Check out my 214 in 2014 challenge, or my 101 in 1001 list, to see what sorts of things I’ll be up to! Here’s to new beginnings, new challenges, and lots of new adventures!


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