214 in 2014

“If not now, when?”

Guess what, you guys? I’m turing twenty this year. I’ve always known this was coming, but oh man, did it sneak up on me just now. I have decided it’s time for me to turn my happy-go-lucky, life-loving, enthusiastic thoughts into tangible, actual, fun, rememberable actions (something I realized needed to happen a little over a year ago). This is going to seem super ambitious of me, but I have compiled a list of 214 things I would like to do/accomplish/participate in this year (2014). These are all things that I foresee to be feasible and truly hope to do. In tangent with this (because I am a caffeinated, over-achieving list maker), I’ve also started a 101 in 1001 list. Some of these things will be on there, too, since these 365 days are part of the 1001 days. Let the adventure begin!!

1. Come up with 214 things

2. Read as many books as possible

3. Exercise daily

4. Go horseback riding

5. SCUBA dive

6. Do yoga

7. Visit a new state

8. Write a book

9. Learn how to properly poach an egg

10. Give back to someone who has given to me

11. Make raviolis with Pop

12. Frolic in a field of sunflowers

13. Train for and run a half marathon

14. Write a letter to someone every week


16. Road trip to a random town in California

17. Eat at a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives location

18. Stargaze

19. Learn how to make a great latte

20. Follow joggers around in a car blasting “Eye of the Tiger” for encouragement

21. See Jenna Sitenga

22. Hike Point Lobos

23. Hike in Big Sur (Ideally Pfeiffer Falls!)

24. Kayak

25. Send monthly care packages to Gwen

26. Bake something brand new every month

27. Give someone “7 Days of Love” in a pill organizer

28. Go to McWay Falls, Big Sur

29. Learn how to tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue

30. Give out cheesy valentines

31. Watch airplanes take off

32. Have a tech-free/unplugged weekend

33. Re-read all 7 HP books

34. Watch all 8 HP movies

35. Play in the rain

36. Craft t-shirts

37. Bake in the middle of the night

38. Stretch daily

39. Go to a concert

40. Go to a drive-in movie theater

41. Ride a segway

42. Leave a note in a library book

43. Go to mass every Sunday

44. Have a movie marathon

45. Learn how to play the piano

46. Dance in the road in the middle of the night

47. Pay for a stranger’s meal

48. Go to the Ferry Building farmers’ market in San Francisco

49. Reunite with Gwen!

50. Go apple picking

51. Go berry picking

52. Read all of Nicholas Sparks’s books

53. Read the “Top 5 Novels of All Time”

54. Paddle board

55. Purge my closet!

56. Write drunk, edit sober

57. Build a fort

58. Keep a journal on all of the tasks accomplished

59. Give Tom a new and unique succulent

60. Go to a midnight movie premiere

61. Learn how to bartend from Mom

62. Go on a picnic

63. Take a cooking class at Stonecreek Kitchen

64. Watch the sunrise

65. Leave “warm fuzzes” in random places on campus

66. Make someone a birthday cake

67. Write a letter to my 13-year-old self

68. Bake a pie from scratch

69. Make someone breakfast in bed

70. Do something that scares/challenges me

71. Jump on a trampoline

72. Surprise my JCrew co-workers with cookies

73. Go to a restaurant for dessert and coffee

74. Get new rain boots

75. Climb & sit on top of the biiiiig hill down Highway 1

76. Send off a message in a bottle

77. Try chicken and waffles

78. Get my nails done with Colleen

79. Watch the sunset

80. Bring sunflowers to Ariana

81. Make sharpie/oven mugs

82. Do “found poetry”

83. Do a color run

84. Eat a snow cone

85. Watch Brave Thank you, Yaya! 🙂 January 2014

86. Have a bonfire

87. Set up my new bookcase

88. Get spiritual guidance from Fathers Peter and Patrick

89. Volunteer

90. Watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding It’s so much better with ice cream and Momma. January 2014

91. Make & blow super industrial bubbles

92. Go zip lining

93. Garden with Mom

94. Go on a late night In-N-Out run

95. Pay for someone’s Starbucks

96. Learn to identify different types of clouds

97. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back

98. Donate blood

99. Surprise Mom with flowers

100. Skydive

101. Spend a day at the tidepools

102. Get a massage

103. Spend a whole day reading

104. Go to a restaurant for appetizers

105. Decorate a stop sign

106. Go to High Tea

107. Jump in a pile of leaves

108. Go to the pumpkin patch

109. Get a facial

110. Bake Billionaire Bars

111. Make popcorn in a pot (March 2014)

112. Watch every season of a TV show

113. Go bowling

114. Make sorbet

115. Take a touristy photo by the Golden Gate Bridge

116. Visit the Redwoods Thank goodness for random adventures to Santa Cruz with Maddie. January 2014

117. Whole-heartedly celebrate a random holiday

118. Do something special for Mom and Pop’s anniversary

119. Ride on a train

120. Write a silly song with Rachel Beaman

121. Go to a dermatologist

122. Climb a tree

123. Add to/organize the Life Binder

124. Start a new tradition

125. Plan a surprise for someone Whaaat? You didn’t know I was coming home? 😉 February 2014

126. Adventure to Napa

127. Feed the ducks at lake El Estero

128. Do a mock Father/Daughter Weekend with Pop

129. Spend a day playing with dogs on Carmel beach

130. Make a list/book of birthdays and addresses

131. People watch at Dennis the Mennis Park

132. Have a coffee date with Bre

133. Bake ciabatta bread

134. Make up a new flavor of ice cream

135. Have a slumber party

136. Go to C.R.E.A.M. Whether we’ve already pit-stopped at The Melt and Sprinkles, or it’s 10:30 at night, this is always a good idea.

137. Read all of John Green’s books (The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, Will Grayson, Will Grayson)

138. Bring cookies to class

139. Watch fireworks

140. Go mini golfing

141. Find a yummy sushi place near SCU

142. Get a passport

143. Go to the snow

144. Go to The Melt

145. Walk around campus with a “free hugs” sign & cookies

146. Give someone a set of “open when” cards

147. Try making bagels

148. Mail out Christmas cards

149. See a shooting star

150. Spend a day in Capitola Random, spontaneous adventure with Maddie? On a school day? And lunch at the Crow’s Nest? Yes. January 2014

151. Go to Shadowbrook

152. Try a new kind of tea

153. Send someone flowers just because

154. Bake a special dessert for La Mia Cucina

155. Write a letter to myself to be opened on my 30th birthday

156. Go whale watching

157. Try Orenchi Ramen (March 2014, nom nom nom)

158. Lay in a hammock

159. visit Jess at USF

160. Hang out with Leslie and Peter at the ranch

161. Eat tacos

162. Do something publicly in a onesie

163. Watch a meteor shower

164. Have my room at home be clean and organized

165. Go to the Dry Bar

166. Learn how to change a tire

167. Spend an entire day at the beach

168. Buy a lottery ticket

169. Get on the Dean’s List

170. Write and submit a 101 word story

171. Eat Marianne’s ice cream

172. Organize/purge my Pinterest

173. Go shooting with Peter

174. Back up my computer/phone

175. Buy a book from Book Works

176. Go a month without buying clothes

177. Find a pen pal in a different state/country

178. Go to the Gilroy Outlets on an adventure with Eileen

179. Answer the “50 Questions that will free your mind”

180. Learn how to drive stick shift

181. Run a 10k

182. Make a meeting at the Career Center to talk about the future!

183. Donate back to Catalina

184. Go thrifting (with only 20 dollars in ma pocket)

185. Open a credit card

186. Don’t complain for a week (when the urge to bitch arises, say something nice instead)

187. Make a new emergency kit for the truck

188. Have SCU friends come to the restaurant

189. Host a Catalina reunion at the restaurant

190. Reconnect with an old friend

191. Pull an all nighter

192. TURN 20!!! (and try not to panic)

193. Write a list of 20 things to do in my 20’s

194. Make 5 blogging friends

195. Go to a new restaurant in Monterey

196. Wear red lipstick with an outfit

197. Use the name of a Disney Princess at Starbucks

198. Pull off an amazing prank

199. Go ice skating

200. Tip someone 100%

201. Go Facebook free for a week

202. Make salted caramels (like the ones from Lula’s)

203. Have lunch at the Jes-Res

204. Don’t swear for a week

205. Go to a Ben and Jerry’s storefront

206. Milk a cow

207. Watch a friend’s favorite movie with them

208. Make a Pinterest craft

209. Eat burritos on the beach

210. Take someone who has never been to the Aquarium there

211. Blog about the tasks I accomplish (with photos!)

212. Make a 101 in 1001 list

213. Deposit $10 in a savings account for each task accomplished

214. Celebrate the completion of this list in an exciting way

Wish me luck! 2014, bring it on! 🙂


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