I’ve been doing the whole “get busy living, or get busy dying” thing with the pseudo-bucket lists I have going…and it’s hard to keep up with! A few weeks ago, I finally got to cross something off of 214 in 2014: #116, Go to the Redwoods. After an arduous, windy drive down Highway 17, a large hill with narrow road and tons of cyclists, and actually locating the park entrance, Maddie and I made it to Henry Cowell. And it was spectacular. It was a leisurely hike, the sun was playing peek-a-boo above the trees, and there were lime quarries to explore. The view from every direction was breathtaking; the trees of every height were towering. At points I wanted nothing more than a personal hammock, a good book, and all the time in the world. To finish everything off, we had Whole Foods sammiches in the truck bed (since an adventure would not be complete without food). We’ll have to make our way back for more crisp air, tree trunk “bridges,” and exploring. 



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