I never thought I’d actually want to do this…but I’ve started running. Whenever running and I interacted before this, it was as a punishment on one of my high school sports teams. So I never really learned to appreciate running as something beautiful, since it was typically done with frustration and a yelling coach and all that jazz. But now that I’m running for me and seeing progress and enjoying the endorphins, I can’t deny the fact that I’m loving it. I wanted to share some running-related gems with you. Maybe it’ll inspire you to put those snazzy running shoes back on, or you’ll at least consider it. Even that’s something, right? 


This is the spectacular view I’ve been blessed with whenever I go out for a run just before sunset. This is in Pacific Grove, CA, just before Lover’s Point beach. Pair this with upbeat Disney songs and you’re practically in heaven 😉 

Has anyone else had the privilege of reading some of Tyler Knott Gregson’s writing? It’s beautiful. This is one of my new favorites:

“Run. For your life, for your joy,

for your calm and peace of mind.

Run. Because your legs are strong 

And your lungs are aching for the taste

of air. Run. Because what’s the point 

of life spent walking in the middle?”

So. Go get to know your town in a new way. Run down its streets and admire the houses and all of the quirkiness. Give your lungs the gift of fresh air and listen to how much more genuine and authentic your laugh is after you get back. And relish in the soreness. It’s just your muscles thanking you, kind of like a misunderstood child bringing dirt and leaves into the house for the safety and betterment of the rollie-pollie population (note: this is a true story and this child is adorable, dirty rollie-pollie rescue mission and all). 



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