Do Small Things with Great Love

Today (October 1) is the feast day for St. Therese of Lisieux! She was an incredibly selfless woman who kept quite the journal (if you’ve ever read any of her writing, you know you’ve been floored by her genuine appreciation and happiness), but something she strove to do was to do small things with great love. I really, really love this. To me, the little things in life truly matter (why else would I have a quote about it decorating my room?). I believe that smiling at everyone, having small yet genuine conversations with strangers, and random acts of kindness are not only ways to make other peoples’ days, but yours, as well. I cannot express how bucket filling it is to do something small with great love. Baking, for me, is the perfect example of this. Just by making a friend cinnamon bread (note: look forward to a post on a great great great recipe) or inviting them over to bake cookies, you can make a huge impact on someone’s life. Not like you’re going to be life-changing, or anything, but those little things have a much greater magnitude than we all expect. Just think about it: doesn’t it make you happy when someone goes out of their way to say hi? Isn’t your day a little brighter when a random person helps you out if you drop all of your books? I’ve decided to make this a commitment to myself: to be aware of and eager to do small things with great love. You should join me, and we should save the world. Ready set go!


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