20 Seconds of Insane Courage

Aaaaand here’s another nugget phrase! This one, like the others, is whiplash worthy. I’ve got a mental picture of your thought process doing a double take, but very profoundly, and somewhat violently. I don’t mean any harm. It’s just that this is a pretty fantastic nugget phrase.

This one came from scuID. On our first night together around the campfire we shared something personal that was holding us back. Most were fears, some were things we wanted to change about ourselves, but they were all candid and genuine. Before we began, Lori (read: proud mama) set the scene by telling all of us that what we were about to do might be scary and intimidating (Sharing a very private insecurity? Having to be vulnerable? Um, yes, scary and intimidating), but all we needed was 20 seconds of insane courage. You know, like that one movie about the purchase of a zoo. Just ground yourself, go for it, and be courageous for a few seconds (20, to be exact). I’ve thought about this nugget phrase a lot lately and have been surprising myself with how often it is applicable. Meeting new people, making those connections, being vulnerable, opening up, speaking up– all of these things can be deterring and unsettling! And with school just picking up again, they are all happening on a daily basis. But telling myself to just have 20 seconds of insane courage has made all the difference. The first hill that you’re fighting to go up is the hardest and the steepest, so think of the insane courage as a kick ass jet pack that will get you right to the top. I believe, truly, that it can even go so far as to give you a nudge so you can go downhill swiftly and assured. Next time you’re in a pickle (read: you are a sophomore who feels like a freshman due to a newfound lack of involvement and it’s freaking you out), remember that all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage to get you through. Pickle free. Promise.


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