I realize that I’ve been writing a lot of serious things lately, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’m not sure it’s good, either. I guess I haven’t tried out a new post-worthy recipe in the past few weeks (it’s not like things have been busy or anything!), but I definitely want to get on that ASAP. I have way too many things bookmarked. So this is my written contract of sorts, okay? I suppose I’ll just have to accept the business of sophomore year is busy business, indeed…

OH HEY! Did someone say acceptance? I totally want to write about that! What are the odds?

I am considering this to be part two of the epiphany I had this week. Let me start with a question: have you ever surprised yourself with how well you’re handling something? There has been a lot on my mind lately, but I feel very much at peace about all of it. I finally understood yet another aspect about myself after I got off of the phone with Nana (my feisty ninety-three-year-old grandmother) yesterday afternoon. Once upon a time, she’s 93. A spring chicken, right? She hasn’t been doing super well recently and since I just lost my other grandma in April my thoughts can’t help but to fast forward to the inevitable. No part of me wants to think of that. There’s no way in heck that I want to feel more grief. But after we got off of the phone yesterday, I, of course, teared up at the thought of not being able to call her someday. But then, I stopped. I took a deep breath. I reflected on what has happened over the past year: who I’ve lost, how much I’ve grown, what I’ve learned, what they’ve taught me in their absence. I’ve learned to accept the fact that life is in no way going to be rainbows and frosting all year round. Sometimes, you get typhoons and yellow mustard (no offense to those who actually enjoy yellow mustard, but I could not think of a more vile spread to compare to frosting). Coming to accept this little factoid about life, then, in addition to accepting yourself, are two of the driving forces behind smooth sailing. Remember, the winds of the sea might change your course, but you’re the one in charge of the sails. 



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