Just Do You

How many times has someone told you to just “be yourself?” It’s like, a googolplex, huh? There are plenty of reasons behind why a person might give you that advice, but I’ve come to understand what being yourself can do for you in the best of ways. 

When you’re you, people flock to you. It’s crazy. Somehow, they can tell. I guess we humans appreciate genuineness. I can attest to this myself, though. When I let my guard down and began accepting that fact that I was Michaela, things started falling into place. I met some of my closest friends, got involved with what I wanted to be involved with, and learned a ton about, well, myself. From the beginning of my freshman year until now I feel that I’ve only come to accept myself (through getting to know myself) more and more, and now I can honestly say that I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. After everything that’s happened in the past year, I’ve come to learn that you are the only thing that’s guaranteed to be left after one of life’s great storms. If life decides to throw a rotten lemon or two at you, you might lose your sense of direction. You could lose some friendships. Heck, you could end up losing 5 wisdom teeth. Regardless of what you lose, though, you’re still going to have you. 

Once you realize that, it’s probably easier to understand what I’m going to say next (I had an epiphany today). I said that I’m happier than ever, right? Well, that’s not because my life is perfect. It is far from that. I’ve got plenty of things I could complain about (and I’m not saying I don’t), I still have a handful of doubts about where I’m going, and I know that life doesn’t just stop throwing rotten lemons at you (even when you think the bastard might have run out). You want to know the secret to the happiness I have now? I’m just doing me. I know that if I keep my chin up, keep smiling, keep swimming, and keep being me, everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to. It’s not easy, but that’s what makes it worth it. If it wasn’t hard, everybody would do it! (You know when you can’t remember where a quote came from and it just kills you? This is one of those moments) So here’s my advice: when in doubt, do you. Remember who you are and what makes you smile and how much you love the feeling of the wind playing with your hair (it’s really annoying, but I like it). Don’t ask me how it works, just trust me here: do you.


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