SC I’m coming for U!

At long last, tomorrow is move in day! I have been anticipating this day for what feels like forever, but it’s finally here, and I could not be more excited. Like last year, I am a tumult of emotions. I cannot wait for the school year to start, to see my fellow Broncos, and to start classes. At the same time, though, I’m really, really going to miss my parents, Nana, the ocean, the restaurant, and, well, the restaurant’s food. Man, it’s going to be tough without all the carbs…and the imported espresso machine…and the meatballs 😉 

After another full day of packing and running random errands, I’m pooped. But I have my truck all packed, Pop’s pile is awaiting its packing, and we just have to tie up a few loose ends before hitting the road bright and early tomorrow morning! Phew! I am especially grateful for the magic that happened a few weeks ago, when our retreat director (I’ll be moving in a week early to lead a retreat for incoming freshmen with 5 other rising sophomores!) was able to change our move-in date to Monday instead of Tuesday. This way, we’ll have all day Monday to settle in! Otherwise, it would have been a hot mess moving in Tuesday morning with time to spare for lead team formation that afternoon. Speaking of, I cannot wait for the scuID retreat! It’s going to be an amazing experience. Look forward to a post on our awesome adventure soon! 

On a completely different note, I recently got the book “Babycakes” (by Erin McKenna) and I have some pretty good feelings about it so far! It’s got recipes for baking that is vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free. Of course, I instinctively slouch my shoulders a bit and start daydreaming about the beauty of bread when I think of “healthy baking.” No eggs? No buttah? What’s the deal here?? But the photos are divine: I would have never guessed that they were of baked goods that belonged to this under-appreciated trade. Erin also does a wonderful job of walking you through recipes and explaining the different ingredients used in vegan/sugar-and-gluten-free baking. After reading through the book, I was smitten. I found it all so interesting and cannot wait to try some of her recipes! 

Well, that’s all for now. Next time I post, I’ll be all moved in and an official sophomore! Wooohooo!!


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