Happy Birthday, C&C!

“daily prompt: Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?”

Now that College and Cupcakes is a year old, I thought it would be fitting to answer this “daily prompt.” Reading the “about me” section reminds me about the genuine reason I started blogging: to take a moment to stop and check in. High school flew by, college has flown by, and the summer is nearly over. Time has a funny way of blindsiding us with its passing– just a year ago I was getting ready for my new adventure! But having my blog has definitely given me the amazing opportunity to look back on special moments throughout the past year and remember those days, those feelings, and those special insights. I’ve seen my growth spread out over recipes, random thoughts, and endless rambling about life. In retrospect, the College and Cupcakes has stayed on track in terms of what I planned it to be: a chronicle of my life as a thinker, baker, and, ultimately, lover of “personhood.”  However, I think I did not anticipate how cool the hindsight of posting would be. The chance to look back on how I wrote about recipes in October (holla to amazing seasonal muffins!) and compare it to now (with goodies like nutella stuffed cookies) is unparalleled. Sharing bits about myself, such as what baking means to me, how much I love rain and mornings, and my ardent admiration for Buddy the Elf, has been a great opportunity for reflection. Seeing how I processed whatever was going on at the time (sleeping through an important interview?) and thought about a plethora of stuff (life philosophies, time, and the ocean, to name a few) only reinforces the Progress I’ve made. I am definitely planning on continuing blogging and can’t wait to see where College and Cupcakes goes next. Thank you to everyone who has ever read and loved this blog, your support means everything to me! 🙂


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