Bittersweet Chocolate Bourbon Sorbet

Okay, okay. I’m getting a tad involved with the ice cream machine. And, perhaps, I’m posting too much about Hedy Goldsmith and her amazing recipes. I promise that College and Cupcakes is not becoming an ice-cream-cult blog that worships one baker. I can’t promise that I’m done with Hedy and her recipes, though. Sorry! 

When I first read through the recipe for Bittersweet Chocolate Bourbon Sorbet I was pretty skeptical. When I think of sorbet, I think of icy, fruity frozen goodness. I was definitely not expecting a wondrous/creamy/chocolatey concoction. Nope, not at all. But after making my custard, churning, and chilling this sorbet, I was a total convert. The chocolate adds a richness that is unparalleled and the bourbon kicks in at the end and burns your throat ever so slightly. It’s also awesome because it’s dairy free but insanely creamy! I would have never guessed there were no eggs or milk in this. It has the consistency of gelato, pretty much. And because it is so rich you can definitely only handle so much at a time. With that in mind, I decided to serve it in little shot glasses. Of course, we all went back for seconds, but it was still darling! So, the moral of this decadent tale– don’t judge a recipe by negative, preconceived notions. I bet it’ll end up pleasantly surprising you.


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