Olive Oil Gelato

Once upon a time, I went apartment shopping, found myself dazed and confused in the middle of Kohl’s, and ended up purchasing an ice cream machine that was on sale. Besides the foodie in me that want to expand my culinary ability and make ice cream, there was no real need for the purchase. This appliance is by no means used as regularly as, say, a toaster. But here I am, with an ice cream machine, a need for justification, and newfound purpose. 

I decided that Hedy Goldsmith would have an answer for me, so I flipped to the “Everything Frozen” section of her book and was delighted to find an easy recipe for olive oil gelato…um, what? Is that a thing? Making the custard was beyond simple, churning was a breeze, and the hardest part of it all was waiting for it to firm up in the freezer. That night at the restaurant the staff and I sampled it with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, a touch of sea salt, and sweet strawberries. It was unlike anything I’ve ever tried. I can’t wait to keep on experimenting with this new toy! 


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