What’s Food to You?

 I had an epiphany just a little bit ago. I love those things, nuggets of wisdom that just pop out of nowhere and offer complete clarity. As I’ve written before, baking is more to me than mixing ingredients together. It’s an open sign of love, and a tangible way of sharing and communicating. Cooking savory food, as well, provides that opportunity. I’ve delved into lots of cookbooks over the past week as the first step to compiling and experimenting with recipes for dorm dinners. One of the introductions (yes, I read them!) explained food in such a beautiful way, and made me realize why it means so much to me and, undoubtedly, my parents (note: Tyler Florence has a wonderful way with words). I’d also like to throw out that, while lots of intangible things like the human condition unites us globally, food does, too. Food is a common thread that ties us all together. I’ve got a case of wanderlust, which I hope to someday cure. Something I would definitely do the moment I stepped into a new place would be to scope out all of the local foodie spots and farmer’s markets, and talk to people about food, and ultimately learn about what food meant to them. Maybe this will happen one day, but until then, I’ll be left to my own devices with a growing pile of cookbooks with inspiring introductions and tantalizing recipes!


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