Sometimes, I want to do nothing more than read inspirational quotes on Pinterest. Is that so much to ask? Do I really have to go to work? Or write this paper? We all have those days. It’s not until I have a super efficient work session that I’m reminded of just how good it feels to be productive. It’s like when fitness gurus work out and say things like, “it hurts so good!” I am no fitness guru, but I think the phrase is applicable here. Even though it might be downright daunting to make the trek to the library and study, at the end of those tedious hours, you’ll feel so accomplished (unless we’re talking about, like, a physics midterm here– then you will probably still feel pretty icky). Think about it. You very well know that the feeling of getting things done surpasses the foreboding feeling metastasizing in your gut that only grows worse over time when you procrastinate. Maybe this is just the Hermione Granger in me coming through. I know that there are other people who walk this Earth that live to procrastinate. For me, however, I’ll take checking off my to-do list over avoiding my to-do list. How do you work? Are you a procrastinator? 


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