No, Ariel, I want to be part of YOUR world


The tide pools at home are my favorite. I went for a run alongside a chain of them in Pacific Grove and was stopping every few minutes to get a closer look. These little worlds are crazy cool: they go from one extreme to another according to the tides and survive through it! At one time, they’re all happy and flourishing during high tide. The anemones are open; the hermit crabs are frolicking; the barnacles are stretching. And just like that, the tide recedes. Everything takes in their water supply, or migrates, and gets ready for survival in the dry long haul. Those are some wicked adaptations. Not only are these tide pool communities especially badass, they’re also extremely beautiful and intricate. One tide pool is never the same tide pool twice. I could sit and stare and explore them for hours at a time. What was Ariel thinking, wanting to come ashore? I’d trade places with her any day.


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