Let go and let God

I’m a control freak. I like to do things my way, because that way, it will get done correctly. I don’t doubt another capable person’s ability to do something, I just trust myself to do it much more. This tidbit of my personality isn’t always constructive. I’ll stress myself out to no end and hard upon the perfection of something. I won’t want to talk about something, will absolutely not accept help, and will put my head down and continue to stress. This might be somewhat acceptable when it comes to schoolwork, or baking, or simple tasks of the like, but it’s really not okay of me to think that only I can manage my life. I can’t think of a better example of being unfair to myself. I was venting to Gwen (who is doing super well over in Temple Square!) about figuring out my second major (and my life in general) and she came back with the most uplifting advice: “There are lots of things out of your control that you have to leave to God. You are great. You are harder on yourself then you should be. God loves you. He knows you and your trials. Give it all up to him, forget yourself and just focus on loving others!” I’ll end it with that today. Take Gwen’s words of wisdom and apply them to your life…give your worries to God, be selfless, and love others 🙂


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