What is it about nature that is so enticing? So mesmerizing? Yesterday, I drove to one of my beach-side happy places, hopped in the bed of my truck with my book, and could hardly focus on the pages. All of my attention was on the ocean. The sky was grey, the wind was snippy, and the sea looked foreboding. But for whatever reason, the silver waves and the angry sea foam was much more engaging than Harry and friends at the Quiddich World Cup. After I tried getting through a chapter or two I realized that nature (whether it’s the view of an open pasture, or the exploration of a forest, or frolicking in the sand) is just like the Veela in The Goblet of Fire. The Veela are the creatures that the Bulgarian team bring along as their mascot. They’re indescribably beautiful and hypnotizing. Harry, completely transfixed, says something along the lines of “as long as the Veela keep dancing, everything will be alright.” That, my friends, was exactly how I felt admiring the ocean yesterday. It’s how I feel whenever I drive to the beach, or get to be anywhere that’s peacefully undisturbed by everyday human life. As long as the waves keep crashing, and the squirrels are here to prance about, and the flowers bloom, everything will be alright.


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