Strength & Grace

In the seemingly never ending circle my mind walks in, I found something.

Before I share, I just have to say, I can’t be alone in this habit. I try so hard to figure it all out. Not all, per say, because that would be far too much to comprehend. It’s more like I try to figure out how I should fit into it all. Lots of different ideas pop into my head, various potential answers and solutions. I know that there is no ultimate answer (how boring would that be, anyway?), and in the end, I’m only wasting my time because I’m distracting myself from being present. I feel like Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower— my English teacher would undoubtedly reprimand me for not participating. I think, though, I’ve come up with something to pacify me and this habit.

It’s about tools. With everything life throws at you, you must be strong. Even if you aren’t going through a tough time, strength is a value that is beyond important. The second component that you should have on your tool belt is grace. Grace is something that I’ve always had trouble wrapping my mind around. Strength is what will help you power through a difficult time, but grace will guide you through it in a, well, graceful manner. Grace, I think, draws the line between those who choose to be secluded while dealing with their problems, and those who continue to participate while dealing with their problems. I’m by no means saying that seclusion is a bad thing, because alone time is very, very precious. I just think that grace is what’s going to give you the courage to get up in the morning, face a seemingly overwhelming day, and say “bring it on.” Grace will help you continue to thrive. So I guess, in sum, this is me trying to understand a big part of the human condition. To face the world with strength and grace, in the midst of many personal battles, is one of my personal answers to living happily. Daily, we face set backs, but letting them roll off your back like water on a duck’s feathers is the only way to get through it. Next time you’re having a bad day, think about strength and grace. Think about authenticity, and about humility, and about all of your blessings. Before you know it, I bet you’ll be feeling ten times better



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