Nutella Bread Pudding

With the restaurant officially ours, I’ve been given full reign with the desserts! Well, not exactly. That’s a very vague statement. We’re keeping the same dessert tray, but I’m allowed to experiment and feature a dessert special a week. And even though I’d love to make that tray my own, learning and executing those recipes will be just as enjoyable as doing something totally new. My first special dessert was nutella bread pudding. Yes…gooey, warm, sultry bread pudding, enhanced with magnificent nutella. I swear, it’s the most dangerous thing I’ve made. A few secrets that make this dessert so wonderful are the use of challah bread, plenty of egg yolks, and a lavish amount of nutella. I dare you to make this sinful treat! 



One thought on “Nutella Bread Pudding

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