Something I’ve harped on in my recent postings is how much I learned over the past year. Part of my growth included realizing how much relationships mean, and the irony of how most of us only notice this until it is too late. I think that we get too caught up in the triviality of life, the selfishness that one-way friendships can breed, and our own concerns to appreciate one another while we can. I’ve seen plenty of people, myself included, who will weigh the personal benefits of a relationship. While the root of this tendency has some truth (you should not be fostering a friendship with someone who uses you relentlessly and brings you down), I think that it’s quite sad how we partake in it. Relationships should help cultivate selflessness. A big part of this selflessness is loving, cherishing, and respecting our fellow human beings to our best ability with the precious time we have. I’ve began to learn and understand the cheesy sayings that begin with “life is too short.” Here’s why I’m droning on about this: I’ve been very irritable and impatient lately. Combined with the stress my parents have felt in lieu of taking over the restaurant, fights about really insignificant things have come about. They don’t deserve that, I surely don’t want to be brought down by those bad feelings, and frankly, it’s all avoidable. All I need to do is step back, and reflect on how much those relationships mean to me. Even though something in particular might push my buttons, I will remind myself how much I treasure the relationship at hand and let it go. I will ask for patience and will not pick fights. That’s just one example of valuing relationships, but I think that there are millions. Honestly, if we all thought this way and put aside silly differences and saw past tiny annoyances, we’d be much happier in our daily lives. We would be able to enjoy more, laugh more, and love more.


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