Summer Happiness Project

Like I said in my post about freshman year, I want to be selfish this summer and find myself again. I read The Happiness Project a year or so ago and it totally changed my outlook on happiness and our power over it. I’m very task oriented and enjoy making lists and achieving goals, so happiness projects are all about taking those talents and pivoting them toward a target of happiness and contentment. The original project that Gretchen Rubin coined took place over 12 months, with a new happiness task each month. Clearly, I’m going to take a different route, but keep the same idea. I think that I’m going to compile a bucket list, a to do list, and get together a few other things to make this happen. The bucket list will be my outlet for fun (I’ll post that one later!), the to do list will be for organizing my space and getting things ready for school in the Fall, and the other things will fit in somehow, once I figure out what else I need. I’ll definitely be spending lots of time at the beach reflecting and soaking up the sun. I also want to work on my patience, being present, and a sort of resilient optimism.  All in all, I want this summer to be fun, reflective, unforgettable, inspirational, and a chance for me to catch up with my life.


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