Lightbulb Moments

I’ve had it backwards. I thought that if I got all my ducks in a row and planned everything out, I would just become the person I was supposed to be. For whatever reason, in my mind, me following this perfectly paved path would lead me right to myself. What I really need to be doing now is focusing on me and the person I’m becoming so that everything else can fall into place. I’m not sure why it makes so much sense to me all of a sudden. I spent this whole school year fixated on perfecting a life plan. I focused so much on laying down stepping stones that I neglected to remember who would be traveling down them. I’m understanding now that life is about growing into the best person you can be and gracefully accepting/dealing with/going through whatever is thrown your way. It’s not worth putting so much time and energy into constructing something, like a 10 year plan, that can crumble at any moment. It’s all about investing that energy into you and what makes you happy. At the end of a hard day, that’s all you’ve got left. You are the only thing that is guaranteed to endure life’s storms.



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