Looking back at what I had posted about Spring Quarter, it is crazy to me how much has happened that I never anticipated. For whatever reason, I expected this quarter to be the best yet. Everyone raved about SCU in the Spring and I couldn’t wait for the final quarter of my freshman year to finally begin. 

My first week was everything I could have expected: easy schoolwork and catching up with friends. That weekend, though, I noticed a wisdom tooth growing in and started freaking out. My dentist had never said anything about them needing to be removed, so I had no idea what to expect. The following week I had surgery to take out my five (yes, five) wisdom teeth and a cyst that had found a home in my sinus cavity. During my recovery, my grandmother’s health (we’d found out about her cancer last Christmas) started deteriorating. She passed away the day I came back up to school. I was heartbroken. It happened so fast, and I was thrown into the whirlwind of the quarter system once again. I was back home a week later for her funeral. A few days after that, my iron levels dropped and my anemia came back full force. Once I was feeling better, my beloved truck started acting up. When my parents came up that Sunday to switch cars for the week, they let me know that they had put down our family dog on Friday. 

That was weeks 2-5. It’s the start of week 7 now, and I’m still kind of dumbfounded by everything that has happened. I want to feel happy and normal again, but I know that I need to take time for myself to process everything. Sure, this might be a stretch for me to say, but maybe this is the best quarter yet. I’ve learned a lot about myself and grown closer with others in the events that have taken place. I’ve learned about being grateful and appreciating what I have. It’s time to finish the quarter strong and look forward to a beautiful summer at home!


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