I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to go home. Except that one time I got food poisoning at that one leadership camp in the wilderness. But actually, the thought of being home in 1 day is what’s going to get me to the finish line of finals week.  

I miss my family, and my house, and not to mention my cat, but I miss the ocean the most. Even if I wasn’t at the beach every weekend, just seeing the bright blue bay on my way to school every morning was special. Smelling the salt (and, unfortunately, the sea lions) was therapeutic. And honestly, you can’t beat the feeling of sand between your toes and the cold rush of the tide when it reaches you.  

There’s so much more to the beach than the stereotypical, aesthetic appeal. It’s like a whole other world: a place untouched by urbanization and technology. Going to the beach is like taking a break from the real world. Being on your phone the whole time is not an option, Facebook becomes distant, tall buildings don’t cause claustrophobia, and the only road hazard you have to worry about is the occasional washed up kelp bed. 

I’m beyond ready to spend my break with the ocean for some much needed TLC…just one more day and one more final until then!



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