Admittedly, it’s becoming a catchphrase of mine to say that I’m “totally obsessed with something.” It may be getting to the point of having an obsession with the phrase. Plain and simple, when I like something, I like something. I just like somethings a lot

 My hair feels incomplete without some sort of accessory or braid or addition. Even if the addition is a hair tie and my hair is in a study bun, there just needs to be something in it. Otherwise, I feel like I have a legitimate lion’s mane emitting from my head. When I get up some mornings I need to remind myself that I am not a cockatiel. Hair bows are becoming a serious obsession of mine right now. 

Really, they are perfect little accessories. They don’t hurt my head like headbands do, they work with most any hair style, and they are so stinking cute. Oh, and they are super easy to make! I was crafting like crazy over the break and hair bows were been the star of the show. I like to hide them under a sock bun or add them as the finishing touch to pinning a bit of hair back. You should get on Etsy and buy some, or better yet, make your own! Happy crafting!


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