A Book A Week

As part of my 2013 bucket list, I’m aspiring to read a book a week this year! I love reading. Love it. I always get a lot done during the summer and over breaks because there isn’t much else to do with my brain! So, I want to actually read throughout the year, instead of when I have the “free time” for it. There are a bunch of benefits that reading offers up and I want to take advantage of them! 

I’ve decided that every Sunday my post will be dedicated to the book I read that week and my expectations on the book for the upcoming week. That way, I’ll have a deadline to meet! This week, I read “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and truly loved it. At first, the format threw me off, because the story is told through a narrative of letters written by a boy to an anonymous “friend.” As the story unfolded, characters were introduced, and I got wrapped up in the plot, I fell in love. There were a ton of great quotes that I highlighted and I was able to relate to the main character, despite the fact that we have very different stories. I would highly recommend it! 

Tomorrow, I’ll start Jane Lynch’s autobiography, “Happy Accidents.” I’m a huge fan of Jane Lynch and am excited to read about her journey to stardom. I’m expecting it to be honest and chuck full of “tough love” and “cold, hard truth.” We’ll see! Here’s to reading! 


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