Back to the Clara

After a month off for Christmas vacation, I am heading back to SCU tomorrow to start Winter Quarter. January will be insanely busy, February will probably be stressful, and March will be either celebratory or regretful, but also stressful. With everything going on this quarter, I’m excited for it to be a test. Fall Quarter was very slow, but I made it that way. Quickly into the school year I realized that I would need a lot of time to acclimate to my new home. Not that I’m totally used to everything now (I definitely need more time!), but I am much more assimilated than I was at the beginning. Now, I’ll be juggling multiple things at once. It’s going to be interesting to see how I do! 

A new quarter, a new year, who knows what other new things are to come? I’m still so thankful for the opportunity to attend SCU and am stoked to take more steps to make the most of my time there. While I came home and could not believe how fast the quarter went by, I also cannot believe that it was only one quarter. I mean, honestly, it felt infinite. Two more to go, then my first year of college will be done! How crazy is that? Happy Winter Quarter! 🙂



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