Why I LOVE Movies

Sometimes, I just need to forget the world. I need to press “pause” on my whirlwind of a mind and press “play” on a new movie. Living vicariously through a character and going through the motions of a plot lets me take a mental break and find new inspiration. I like getting lost in the story of a good movie.


I’m “that girl” in the theater who laughs loudly, vocalizes questions, and essentially expresses every emotion I feel throughout the film. That’s why (unless I cannot stand to wait to see a film) I prefer to stay in and watch movies from my five dollar DVD collection. Curling up with a hot cup of tea, my sweet kitty cat, and a fluffy blanket is one of my favorite things to do to cap off a day. Oh, and homemade popcorn. It’s all divine. I feel so refreshed after a “Michaela movie screening.”  To me, it’s like a mini vacation.  I’m typically reaching for a good comedy, but I’ll be up for just about anything. Never horror, though. I won’t sleep for months after a horror movie. I’m about to start one of my favorites now: Just Friends (2005). If you’ve never seen it, it is imperative that you do. It’s hilarious and chessey. And there’s Ryan Reynolds. Boom.


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