Baking bread has always intimidated me. It always appeared to be a systematic process of mixing and kneading and rising. And not to mention time consuming! I envisioned my kitchen (and myself) covered in flour after a painstaking afternoon of bread making, with an ugly and loathsome (lol, “loafsome,” so punny!) loaf in the corner. 

Goodness gracious, could I have been more wrong? When I came upon this bread recipe (, with it’s 4 ingredients and unrealistic simplicity, I could not help but to say “INCONCEIVABLE” with a slight lisp (shout out to the Princess Bride). It is seriously the easiest bread to make ever. And it is scrumptious. You know what makes it even better? Adding lemon zest, rosemary, and gruyere. Oh yeah, I went there.  Do yourself a favor and make homemade rolls for dinner tonight. Let everyone praise you. Relish in the fact that all you did was mix dry ingredients with water, wait 5 hours, and bake pillows of heaven. Take all the credit for the “effort” you put into those little loaves of love. It’ll be our little secret 😉 


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