Would You Like This Gift Wrapped?

 Duh! I have an obsession with gift wrapping. I have a huge storage bin of supplies stashed under my bed at school, for, you know, the copious presents I have to wrap! Bows, tissue, bags, boxes, wrapping paper, cellophane, and over abundance of ribbon, you name it, I have it. There’s just something about the way a gift is wrapped that makes it so special. 

Around the holiday season, especially, I’m observant of the way others wrap gifts. It tells  you a lot about a person. I know some people who just prefer to throw everything in a bag and top it off with tissue, while other people will spend the weeks before Christmas making their own extravagant bows. Then there are the people who are extremely knit picky and insist that all of the presents under the tree are uniform, compared to those who will recycle miscellaneous wrapping things from years past. I just think it is so cool that people’s personalities are indadvertedly expressed through gift wrap!  

I personally like to treat each gift differently. I’m no extremest when it comes to all of my presents matching, but I definitely want all of them to be perfect, and match the type of gift being given. I’ll tend to use gifts themselves as vessels for wrapping (sticking smaller things in mugs, or makeup bags, or wallets) and then take my sweet time to make the rest of the wrapping pristine. Maybe this fascination (read: unhealthy obsession) with gift wrap is genetic; my mom worked as one of Santa’s helpers and wrapped gifts as a job in high school! 


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