Home Sweet Home


I am so blessed to call this beautiful place home. Getting to see the ocean every day is something I’m eternally grateful for. Honestly, Monterey could not have been a better place to grow up. The beach was my casual play ground! Being away from home has made be appreciate it much more. Over the summer, my friends and I would constantly complain about how boring Monterey was. We were just itching to leave. Seriously, how blind and    careless were we? Now that I’m home and have a lot of time to myself, I’ve done some exploring, and visited a few of my favorite spots. Today, one of my best friends and I beach hopped and had a snazzy photo shoot. We had a background that green screens can’t even get right! I still can’t get over the natural beauty that’s around me, but I’m so glad I finally slowed down and took time to take it all in.



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