My delightful friend Gwen has an amazing life philosophy that she shared with me a few months ago. I loved it. I adopted it as a component of my own philosophy (which is far too scattered and fluid to ever write down with absolute certainty). Regardless, I want to share Gwen’s philosophy with you! Here’s how it goes… 

Everyone has a bucket. It might be full, or empty, but you’ve got this bucket and in order to be happy and at peace it needs to be full. Now, throughout your life you’ll come into contact with a plethora of people. Some might help to fill your bucket, but some will blatantly take away from it. The secret to having a full bucket is to surround yourself with people who fill it! Be wary, though, of those who take away from it. Once you’ve surrounded yourself with the right people, your bucket will be overflowing with love and you’ll go on to fill other peoples’ buckets, too. 

I just love it! The image of smiling at a stranger and dropping a little token of love into their bucket is sublime. The flip side is just as crucial to recognize, as well. Neglecting to hold a door open for someone or smile at a stranger to results in bucket theft! You just jacked their happiness! I always think of Gwen’s philosophy when evaluating the relationships I have with others: do they put in or take out of my bucket? If the answer is the latter, then I probably need to think about where that relationship is going.

I’m determined to keep on adding to other peoples’ buckets, even if I’m having a day when I feel like mine is empty. Filling other buckets indadvertedly fills your own, too. It’s a worthy challenge to take on: imagine if everyone had a mission to fill up other peoples’ buckets. Wouldn’t it be lovely to live in a world where everyone’s buckets overflowed with the love they receive from others? Go ahead and go the extra mile for a few strangers today. Fill up some buckets. After all, who doesn’t want a full bucket?


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