They Call Me The “Banana Bread Fairy”

It all started during my freshman year of high school. I made banana bread for a friend’s birthday, an upperclassmen got ahold of some, and from then on I started cranking out that magic bread on a regular basis. As the years went on, dinosaur sugar cookies and various cupcakes became other staples of mine. I never grew tired of baking, even though I was making tasty treats almost every night of the week. I invested in a toaster oven for school so that I could keep up this hobby of mine, because I think I would go crazy without it.

A lot of people end up burning whatever they put in the oven. Or maybe they can never get a recipe “just right.” Perhaps they don’t want to exert the effort in making something from scratch. I truly love every bit of baking: even the mess. It is relaxing, gratifying, expressive, and fun. While stress relief is a pivotal reason behind my ceaseless baking, the reason of all reasons is the happiness I’m able to bring others with a plate of cookies or a loaf of banana bread.

I have been raised to believe that food is the answer to any problem. My precious momma will begin cooking meals for a family within the hour of receiving news of a death or hardship. Watching my mom work her healing magic in the kitchen while growing up has influenced me heavily. For me, baking is the answer. If someone had a bad day, they need a cupcake. And if I have a bad day? I bring others cupcakes. There’s something about giving people baked goods that makes the work of a tough recipe worth it. The ability to bring people together with food is sensational, especially when we are all extremely busy with different things. I feel blessed to have found something that I am genuinely passionate about. Baking is a gift. When I’m invested in a recipe, covered in flour, and busy in the kitchen, I lose myself in the process of it all. And somehow, I find myself there, too.


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