Who says we can’t live life like Buddy the Elf?

Maybe not literally. I’m too much of a germaphobe to be eating gum off the street. But hear me out:  Don’t you miss the days when you were completely naive and in oblivion? With that rare kind of innocence, everything was fun. I miss the days when dress up didn’t involve body image, going somewhere for a play date didn’t cost a dime, and there was absolutely zero judgement between friends.


Sure, some special relationships can still experience that kind of youthful magic, but for the most part, it’s gone by the time you’re in middle school. I also find myself worrying constantly. I’m anxious about my future, my past, and just about everything in between. If I’m not on schedule for the day, my mind goes into shambles. When was the last time I let go of my compulsive tendency to control everything and let myself have a carefree day of spontaneity? A day when I press ‘pause’ on my tumultuous anxiety parade and made a genuine attempt to live in the present, in peace.


I want to be Buddy for a day. I’ll compliment everyone with enthusiasm and a smile, see all of the things the world has to offer with eyes full of wonder, do silly things with reckless abandon, and maybe even attack a few Santa’s. I forsee a future post documenting this sure-to-be-interesting day 🙂



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