A Lesson From High Heels

Confession: I have never, ever been able to confidently wear high heels. I trip over anything and everything as it is, so I tend to avoid adding any more danger to my already dangerous lack of coordination. But in the spirit of trying new things and my tenacity (admittedly, I’ve always wanted to walk in heels with ease), I wore heels as part of an outfit today…and I didn’t die!  

Needless to say, I was proud of myself. While I nearly ate it while going down some stairs, it was interesting to see the world from 3 inches higher than I normally do. I ended up being taller than most of my family members– for the most part the girls are all the same height– which was super weird! I’m never taller than anyone else! Little things like looking in the mirror and getting things out of cabinets were altered by a few inches, too. It’s crazy what a couple of inches will do to your perception! 

What I’m getting at here is that, while I had fun in heels, I really do like being short. It’s one thing that I definitely wouldn’t change about myself. I’m sure we all have those quirks that we’re proud of. In the wise words of Darrel (it’s spelt like Darrel, but it’s pronounced Dah-rell), “Don’t be insecure, girl! Own that pony-tail, work that up-do!” Whether your pony-tail is a distinct laugh or a beauty mark, don’t be afraid to accept your unique qualities and flaunt them. After all, you wouldn’t be YOU without them.



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