I’ve recently become more familiar with the different meanings of the word “season.” It can be used to describe a group of months during the year, or a spicy addition to a savory dish, but the definition of the word I’m focusing on is more…philosophical. What I’m referring to here are seasons of life.

Before being introduced to this term I had always referred to different parts of life as “chapters” or “phases.” Seasons just resonates so much more for me. I love the metaphorical extent of the term and its religious undertones. Similarly to the seasons of the year, we transition through different times of our lives and have varying experiences. We might have to  prepare for storms, or we can brace ourselves for a surplus of sunshine. Summer seasons always seem to be over in the blink of an eye while we wait for Winter to be done with.

Regardless of the type of season we find ourselves in life, it’s important that we ask questions and ensure that we are making the most of it. God has us endure long winters so we can appreciate beautiful summers. We need to ask ourselves: how can I get the most out of this season of life? What does God want me to learn at this time? As I find myself adjusting to a brand new season (I’d call it Spring: still a little chilly from last Winter, but considerably warming up), I hope you can sense yours and identify how you can benefit from it.


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