Early Mornings

I’ve gotten a lot of looks of disbelief when I tell people I’m up at 6:30 everyday. Maybe you’re even cocking your head to the side right now. But hear me out on this.

You would not believe how great it is to start your day at 6:30. Not just one day for fun, though, everyday. It’s all about a sleep schedule. Once you’ve got one down, your productivity skyrockets. My theme song is the one from Tangled when Rapunzel does a million things in her day, because I feel like I can do that much with all the hours of daylight I take advantage of.

When I’m up before everyone else, I get some very special alone time, too. I can listen to some pump up music and get ready for my day with no distractions. I make my list for the day, which is honestly the best thing to do first thing. I’m not sure why exactly, but having an ample amount of time in the morning eases me into the day and reduces my stress.

I will admit, though, I need to give myself a day every once in awhile to sleep in. With everyone else up at night, I want to be up at night, too. So by the end of the week, I’m usually pretty tired. But once my battery is recharged, I’m good to go.

I honestly think that this early-rising habit is extremely beneficial. Along with blogging, it eases my mind and makes me happy. So I think I’ll keep it up 🙂


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