I got to wear my rain boots today!

I love rainy days. In addition to showcasing your personality with vibrant rain boots and wearing cozy scarves, rain itself is beautiful. It’s a physical reminder of coming clean, an instrument of the clouds, and an excuse to act like a four-year-0ld (although I don’t really need an excuse for that).

While rain gets me super excited, it also makes me very reflective. I take the opportunity to think of things I need to come clean about. Watching pollen getting washed off the sidewalks, I consider what I need to wash away to experience healing. I also feel extremely grateful when it rains: we are so blessed to experience it.

The sound of rain is awesome. Especially when it pours. Confession: I totally have a noise maker app and use it to play rainfall when I can’t sleep. It’s mind boggling to think that a cloud can hold that much rain and that each raindrop is its own entity! I know that explanation was not scientific, but I’m not Al Roker.

Oh, I can’t forget about the puddles. And feeling invincible when your rain boots protect your feet from getting wet. Getting to play in the rain is always the best, knowing that hot cocoa and a fuzzy blanket are waiting for you afterwards. Going outside in the rain was probably one of the most rebellious things I did as a child, since I got to come inside all wet and track mud around the house.

In the words of the beautiful Luke Bryan, rain is a good thing.


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