Praying The Rosary

I’ve had a rough time falling asleep for the past few years. I’m kept up by the “what-if’s” dancing in my ears and the perpetual negative thoughts in my head. Add that to the fact that I am a worry wart and get up early every morning (6:30, yes I know I’m crazy), there is potential for a cranky Michaela. I have had countless remedies recommended to me, but I may have just found the solution to this pesky problem.

I started actually praying the rosary during the summer. It may seem arduous to some people, but it calms me down and is quite meditative. I love the feeling of working the beads between my fingers: it makes prayer tangible. I usually only prayed it when I felt compelled to do so, never at a set time. Until now.

Praying the rosary just as I’m falling asleep is seriously magical. I have to say, I can never finish the whole thing, because I am put to sleep so fast. But that’s a good thing! I lull myself to sleep with prayer and I love it. I still get to think about my day and everything going on, but it’s in a way that is helpful, not harmful. And when I wake up in the morning I find the rosary next to me, like a happy little reminder of the time I spent with God.


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