Fun fact: I have 8 ear piercings.

Whenever someone finds this out about me, they are usually pretty surprised. It’s always my sneaky way of winning the game “two truths and a lie,” just because of the surprise factor. As I contemplate another addition to my plethora of piercings, I’ve been trying to figure out why I have so many in the first place.

Another fun fact: I have the same colored brown hair and brown eyes. Oh, and one more: I wore a uniform for 10 years straight. My creativity was somewhat limited, clearly. Also, as a lover of all things colorful, my natural hair and eye color was monotone to me. So, as what I suppose was an outlet for some sort of creativity, more and more earrings accumulated on my ears.  I’ve sometimes wondered if I look like a punk, metal junkie…but quite honestly, I think they (yes, all 8 of my ear piercings) fit my personality to a “T.”

I am super careful to keep it that way, though. I always opt for classy studs that are still fun. I think it’s important to find a balance between the two: fun and classy. You could appear to be completely out of control with a book of coupons at Clare’s and Hot Topic, or you could look absolutely prude. Typically, I rotate between three or four pairs of plain  studs while being more adventurous when it comes to my cartilage piercings. It all depends on how I want my day to go.

Yes, I did just write a blog post on earrings. I like all of my piercings, even if they are unconventional. They add to my quirkiness and that’s that. 🙂


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