Eye of the Beholder

Jesus slapped me in the face the other day.

There I was, sitting in one of the comfy common room chairs, reading a handout for my Christian Tradition class. The article was about finding God in all things, and I was really liking everything that it had to say. I just love it when theological things make complete sense. I came to a paragraph discussing how God loves everyone, even those burning in Hell. He loves Mary and Satan equally. Here’s the secret, Mary accepts God’s love and Satan rejects it. God’s love is unfailing, but it’s up to us as the beholders to accept that love or reject it.


(PS: this whole “slapping” thing is positive. A friend of mine uses it and I love the phrase! It’s essentially a lightbulb moment, with some Jesus humor.)

I felt so convicted! Free will was one of the most captivating things we talked about in my philosophy class senior year, and here was a prime example of its importance. We have the choice to embrace the selfless love God has for us, let it fill us with joy, and help us find our purpose. Or we can deliberately choose to turn from God’s offering, cast Him away, and join the enemy. This is remarkable to me: God is so big and amazing, yet we get the chance to make a choice. Wow.

Then my mind turned to those who do choose to reject God and shy away from His embrace. Initially, it’s frustrating– how could they do something so awful? Do they even know what they’re missing out on? But then I realized that the answer is no. No, they don’t know what they’re missing out on, and we have an obligation to save our brothers and sisters. I’m not suggesting that we coerce them into believing by any means. Yet we can show them the love Christ has shown us: selfless, beautiful, pure love.

I feel so blessed to be able to share this. Hopefully, you’ll find these thoughts as groundbreaking as I have found them. I honestly cannot believe how far I have come in a year. It’s a great thing to be confident in your faith and yourself, to recognize your blessings, and appreciate every little thing life has to offer.


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