Single Sex Education

I have been reminiscing about high school lately, telling new friends stories and showing them the cute uniforms. Upon hearing that I went to an all girls high school, a boy on my floor reacted with a typical, “that would suck!” While I had heard skeptical thoughts on the matter before, I had never really thought about my experience in a bad light. It had always been positive for me. Sure, it might not be for everyone, and that’s fine. Let me ask you, though: what’s wrong with having your best friends and sisters with you all the time, supporting you through everything and making memories along the way?

For me, all girls secondary school boils down to a few key insights. I’d like to talk about two of them today:

 1. High school is about finding your bridesmaids, not your groom.

2. Ages 14-18 are about creating yourself and building up your self esteem, not tearing it down.

Society may think that my high school was chuck full of boy-obsessed, squealing teenage girls (and I’m not saying that isn’t true– there was plenty of squealing), but the fact of the matter was that, in the end, there were no boys there. That’s that. Sure, we may have wanted them to be there, but at the end of the day I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to show up to school with my hair in a study bun, no makeup, and my crazy self. I made friendships with girls that I know will last a lifetime because they were built upon a genuine foundation of who I actually am, not an idealized, plastic version. And by not having boys around as a distraction, I was truly able to focus on myself and the woman I want to be– not the girl I presumed my crush was pining after.

 Along with the help of my sisters, I was able to build myself up into a confident, feisty lady. Usually in high school, girls are ripped apart by the peer pressure of looking gorgeous and dating the quarterback. At my school, though, we all rocked messy hair and elf skirts (red and green uniforms every winter, gotta love it). By being in an environment which fostered self confidence, my self esteem sky rocketed. I can honestly say that I would not be as outgoing, or friendly, or even remotely close to the person I am today if it weren’t for my four years in a single sex institution. It would be an understatement to say I am grateful for the opportunity I was granted. I was extremely blessed to have been in a place where I could genuinely grown into myself…and find all of my bridesmaids!


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