Better Late Than Never, right?

Well, would you look at the calendar, it’s week three already! I had been told that the quarter system moved quickly, but I clearly underestimated it. Here I am, thinking that I would be posting on a much regular basis, but only find a quiet moment of focus to sit down after three weeks of meaning to do so. Whoopsies!

With that being said, college is absolutely fabulous! My dorm room is cute, I have made great friends, classes are going well, and there is always something to do. I’ve found that my tendency to be OCD organized has come in handy very much, though my planner looks like a rainbow threw up on it! I’ve always been in the habit of making lists and marking my calendar, but things have escalated to a whole new level here.

Lists are an absolute essential: I do not know how I would get anything done without them. My mind often moves about a million times faster thinking things up than filing them into the “must remember” section of my brain, so my room/computer/planner are littered with post it notes. Once I get a moment, I make a compilation of lists, varying upon urgency or subject. There’s also the “master list,” which includes anything and everything that needs to get done. You may not need to go as in depth with this, but having a to-do list is insanely helpful, and getting to cross things off of it is very gratifying.

I also have a huge wall calendar from PB Teen ( that helps me keep track of things. It’s right up on the wall where I can see it, so I’m always aware of what I have planned and I’m sure to not double book myself. It’s also dry-erase! I get to decorate according to the month and change details as necessary. It’s essentially beautiful magic. If anything, have a planner: it will become your best friend!

Those are just two of the multitude of organizational tips I hope to share with everyone! I hope to post again soon, with baked goods! My handy toaster oven has been serving my baking endeavors well. Today, our suite featured baby banana nutella bread! Until next time… 🙂


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